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What If The Future Of Fiction Writing Is Point And Click?

Fiction Writing And AI Interact

AI-generative fiction tools, as we know, are advancing rapidly. But currently their ouput needs a lot of input and revising by human co-creators. But what if the future of fiction writing is point and click?

The Future of Fiction Writing Is Close

For a glimpse of one possible future for fiction, have a look at NovelistAI. It is basically point and click novel generation (also gamebooks and images). Ordinary folk can choose from a variety of options, press enter, and AI does the rest (for a fee). There is also room for human input to direct the bot. At present the output is relatively limited. However, down the road…?

Novelist AI Homepage

Some Parameters Currently Available To Tweak

Here are some of their parameters to choose for novels:
language (about a dozen); genre (about a dozen); setting; scope; theme; characters; narrator; and more.

What If The Future Of Fiction Writing Is Point And Click?

Think I’m exaggerating what’s already available to consumers for point-and-click writing? Feast your eyes on Quiet Quill, another AI generative text writer. It markets itself as “The Laziest Way To Write Your Next Book: Write Non-Fiction Books That You Can Be Proud Of… And Do It Incredibly Fast With AI”
Quiet Quill AI Non-Fiction Writer

They aren’t kidding. Fill in a bunch of parameters (book title, theme, focus). Within an hour (or less), it’ll spew out a…wait for it…60,000 word nonfiction book! It may require a whole lot of editing. Or not, depending on the output, your audience, and the quality of writing you are striving to produce.

IMHO, it’s only a matter of time till AI generative, one-click writing tools like this, produce high quality books, including fiction. If this continues to advance, what are your thoughts on how this might affect fiction authors?





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