AIwriting is causing a fork in the road for fiction writing and publishing

AI WRITERS versus LEGACY WRITERS and Future of Fiction

The Future of Fiction Writing Is Here

Now that I’ve begun working on a political thriller novel, I have been giving this whole abrupt arrival of AIwriting lots of thought. I am trying to envision the short and mid-term effects on fiction writers and publishers. Me, I think this whole industry is about to change forever.

My projection? Within a year, the world of fiction will become bi or trifurcated: Those that use AI fictioining tools (Chat-gtp, Sudowrite, Jasper AI, and the tens of others cropping up monthly now), vs. “legacy” writers and publishers (who of course may use ProWritingAid, Grammarly, spellcheck, Google for research, etc.).

I picture (not a MidJourney picture!) a marketplace for published works by AIwriters who acknowledge using write-bots, AND legacy purists who boast of eschewing such sorcery. What’s lagging in this equation is adquately accurate AI detection. Once that improves substantially, watch for an arms race vs. AI detection and tools that can beat it.

A Bi or Trifurcated Market?

What do you see happening? I can see legacy writers – especially established ones – asking for a premium price for their works. (Hey, piercing a vein and letting your blood spill mellifluously onto pages ain’t cheap).

It’s also possible that AIwriters will charge less for their works, considering the reduced time/effort required to churn out decent enough fiction, making up the difference in volume.

Let’s not even ponder the monsoon of new AI-generated fiction coming soon to an online bookstore near you.

Regardless, the genie’s out of the algorithmic bottle. Would love to hear your thoughts. I, for one, want to advocate for better AI detection, and the ethical use of AIwriting.

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