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New Words For Effects Of Certain Gene Therapies

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New Words For Effects Of Certain Gene Therapies

I have started to use the following terms  in describing the purpose and/or effects of several emerging gene therapies I will be covering in my upcoming public essay about potential Down Syndrome extinction.

Claiming First Use

Today I secured the .com url for each of the above. Yesterday I tweeted about these words and created the above hashtags on Twitter for them.

Both genvivocide and genexocide are brand new words (neologisms) which I have invented. Hence I am claiming “first use” for these terms. Genomocide already had 10 existing citations on But even though they tended to be for obscure uses, I can’t claim to have invented that term.

Why Is New Terminology Needed?

With recent advances in gene therapy, there are several emerging outcomes which have not been previously named in the public sphere (according the my research based on my search engine results).

In order to have a common language with which to discuss these important changes, I have put together a nomenclature as part of my upcoming public essay.

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