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  • Unwanted, by Linda Smith: Book Review

    Unwanted, by Linda Smith: Book Review

    Unwanted by Linda Smith is a profound real life page turner! It describes an initially reluctant mother’s battle to champion the existence of her disabled son. Put yourself in her shoes What if your child was born, and the doctor grimly pronounced the baby “mongoloid?” Then declared it profoundly disabled with Down Syndrome and mental […]

  • Remarkable Young Charlotte Fien Addresses U.N. On Down Syndrome Genocide

    Truly inspiring people are something of a rarity. So when I read about Charlotte Helene Fien, a young woman who has both Down Syndrome and Autism, is attending university, and advocates for neuro-atypical human rights, I was deeply moved. Watch this courageous fighter address the United Nations in Geneva, pleading for protections against potential genocide […]