Some Pros & Cons of HootSuite for Managing My Social Media Posts

My Hootsuite's Twitter stream

So, been using HootSuite for a while to help me centrally manage my social media postings. It’s tagline is, after all, “Manage all your social media in one place.”

Thing is I have mixed opinions about this tool. It does enable me to organize my Tweets, Posts and Updates in a more organized way. But I find it deficient for my purposes in a number of important areas.

A Convenient Tool But Not The Be All And End All

One the one hand it does provide a one-stop facility for posting on Facebook (profile, page and groups), LinkedIn (profile and groups), Google+, YouTube, your WordPress Blog, Stumble Upon/Reddit, more, and of course Twitter (which owns it).

Convenient for sure. Also it lets you review/delete what you’ve posted, see who’s mentioned you, and monitor selected other activities. Most of these are activities you could do at each of your individual social media properties yourself, if so inclined.

Reasonable Costs, Except Deeper Analytics are Expensive

BUT: Beyond some basic statistical analysis, you have to pay extra (in addition to the reasonable $9.99 monthly fee for extended capabilities); they frequently change what each social media site allows you to do from HootSuite (though often it’s each site’s API that necessitates this); for LinkedIn it limits you to 650 spaces per post, whereas directly posting to that site you have many more.

And as of June 30 2017 LinkedIn Groups will no longer be available. Meanwhile their Twitter statistics are less accurate or detailed than Twitter’s own (in my case; don’t know about in general), the latter’s shown below.


Anyone have thoughts on this or comments on competing tools? I’ve been reading some #ASMSG posts on LinkedIn and Facebook to hear about what other writers are using.

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