Micro Flying Craft Instead of Cabs?

This start-up’s new passenger drone is ‘like a flight simulator that you can ride

Mini-Copters To The Rescue?

To soar like an eagle over traffic jams. Sounds like a Utopian dream.

This concept works beautifully — until there’s more than one of these gyro birdies flying over a city. Then a few more. Soon hundreds. After that, what, thousands?Congestion on streets with cars is one thing. In our skies another entirely. Infrastructure to support the coordination of commuting whirlyprops, with competing carriers all vying for the choicest routes, each having to be directed centrally by some sort of local drone traffic control, will be interesting to see play out.

Not So Fast

Beyond the technical glitch possibilities, what bothers me is twofold.

1) It’s troubling and dangerous enough with driverless car companies testing their services in cities, working the bugs out by every so often severely injuring or killing innocents. Roto-rooters plunging from the sky due to mechanical or computer failure? Death from above and mayhem below. And by the way, did you sign a waiver giving permission to private interests saying they could use you and your loved ones as guinea pigs? Thought not.

2) Since the number of such flights and available craft will be limited, who among us will be blessed with the privilege of dibs? Could tickets be auctioned or scalped to those who’ll pay top dollar, leaving everyone else seething?

So Lift, Uber, Volocopter, Airbus, and the rest of you working on plying the sky with horseless buggies; please learn from your autonomous automobile experiments experience!

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