Let AI Choose Your Babysitter – Not!

AI startup Predictim that scanned babysitters halts launch

Predictim Halts Launch But Raises Alarms.

Who wouldn’t want AI to choose which babysitter you hire? Predictim thought it was such a great idea it staked its business model on it. “Piece of mind for families” is their comforting motto.

At Least They’re Honest About Questionable Claims

Except their Disclaimer reads like a damned dismissal of what they’re selling: 

DISCLAIMER: This report analyzes a potential caregiver’s social media data to attempt to draw insights about them that may be useful as a tool to help you evaluate their suitability for your needs. However, this analysis is based solely on an analysis of the potential caregiver’s social media accounts, which may or may not accurately reflect the caregiver’s actual attributes. As a result, we cannot provide any guarantee as to the accuracy of the analysis in the report or whether the subject of this report would be suitable for your needs. You should exercise caution and perform additional screenings and evaluations before engaging anyone to perform caregiving services. We do not recommend or endorse any potential caregivers, and we do not make any representations or warranties of any kind about such caregivers or the quality, safety, or appropriateness of the services they provide.

I do applaud Predictim for being so open about their product’s warnings, though their company name that sounds like it should be on the law firm roster of Do We Predictim And Howe. At least they admit upfront what their approach is, and why it might well be counter-assistive.

Harbinger Of A Bot-Based Future

This type of tech-based social ranking system (China, anyone?) couldn’t exist in a democratic, non-corporately run state. Unless we, the people, weren’t so gullible.  

We’re the ones feeding the sharks — AI-centric monitoring and rating programs that claim to see into our souls, and are used to rate our suitability — with our own precious flesh. Tossing it into the open waters, for free no less, like so much worthless chum.

Did Predictim breach the firewall that is supposed to protect Facebook users’ private info? No need to. The data they chose to use was, it seems from this article, posted publicly. Not that Predictim and its ilk get a pass on the sketchiness of what they’re doing. However who’s teaching youngsters (and hell, adults!) about the dangers of Kim Kardashianing?

Shame is if we were smart about how we broadcast our life details, every Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account would look like a frigging LinkedIn profile: professionally polished, perfection-signaling, dull as hell.   🙁

So, should you let AI choose your babysitter? Guess we’ve got a ways to go before bots call the shots.



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