My Intent Is To Genrefy My Writing

One of the differentiating elements of my debut novel is the notion of genrefying it.

As an author who has begun to write my first novel, and as an appreciator of the need to market oneself uniquely and in a targeted manner – especially when self-publishing, as I plan to (certainly initially) – I will ideally launch with a genrefied novel.

The closest approximation that I’ve seen so far is what’s known as formula fiction. However, that is quite distinct from what I plan to do, though my concept too is based on the principles of reader preferences and targeted communications.

Current Usage of “Genrefy”

There is no listing or definition of the word “genrefy” on as of the time I wrote this piece and posted it to my blog.

genrefy - no dictionary definition

Yet a Google search reveals that “genrefy” is in use as a verb. Mainly it’s a term librarians use to categorize (classify) their books. There are also some search citations indicating that people may use the word to categorize music or other items.

There is nothing in the first couple of citation pages (which is as far as I looked) suggesting the definition I will eventually assign to it.

Nomenclature for Genrefying

*I have also been contemplating a naming hierarchy and  nomenclature, regarding the term genrefy. For instance, it could also be thought of as genrefying, or the process of genrefication. And have various tenses if used as a verb, e.g. genrefy, genrefied, genrefying; and have noun forms too, such as genrefier. This applies as well to equivalent derivative forms of genrify.

I will add more details about genrefying my novel (which would thereby make me a genrefier) in later posts.

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