Have Started Novel Pre-Writing In Earnest

big pile of booksAnd so it begins. The adventure I’d been forced to defer for years is upon me. My keyboard is getting a workout.

There’s the 15 pages of “What If’s” to help spark plot and character concepts. Another 10 pages of “Starting Stuff,” in which I outline my idealized reader (curious and open minded, like ME), their needs (to be treated as thoughtful and desirous of a believable story, like ME), my goals in writing this novel (to make big bucks, get famous, and be celebrated as smart and cool – are there any other goals worth pursing?), plus the style I’ll employ (literary and controversial for starters).

My writerly pump is primed. I am loving immersing myself into the story world of my burgeoning novel. What would it be like to live as a notorious but reticent intersex person? What lengths would someone go to in order to protect their threatened sibling who has Down Syndrome? Also how do the increasing attacks on our personal privacy and civil liberties mesh with a society that prizes freedom and democracy?

There is much for me to research. Depths to be plunged. I’ll try to report from the trenches as I progress (or get stymied). But for now, it’s ready, set…go!

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