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  • Researching Intersex For My Protagonist

    Researching Intersex For My Protagonist

    Intersex. Non-binary biology. DSD (Differences in Sexual Development). This condition used to be known as “hermaphrodite,” a term that today is considered neither technically accurate nor socially acceptable. The more I find out about it the more I understand why. I chose to give my protagonist intersex biology. Why? For one, it puts them on…

  • Broke 1,000 Twitter Followers

    Broke 1,000 Twitter Followers

    Hit some important (though not earth shattering) social media landmarks yesterday. As of this morning: FB Friends 885, Page Likes 305. Yesterday morning I broke 1,000 Twitter Followers. But of those, at least 70 were garbage. So I used Unfollow.me and ManageFlitter.com to prune them, forcing “unfollows” of the junk Followers. I Followed another hundred…