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  • Last Children of Down Syndrome?

    Last Children of Down Syndrome?

    The Last Children of Down Syndrome Are we approaching a time when we will see the last children of Down Syndrome? This shocking article, in the December 2020 issue of The Atlantic Magazine, looks at the possibility of Down Syndrome extinction. Medical advances (e.g. prenatal testing, new genetic therapies), are bringing this upsetting possibility closer. […]

  • Remarkable Young Charlotte Fien Addresses U.N. On Down Syndrome Genocide

    Truly inspiring people are something of a rarity. So when I read about Charlotte Helene Fien, a young woman who has both Down Syndrome and Autism, is attending university, and advocates for neuro-atypical human rights, I was deeply moved. Watch this courageous fighter address the United Nations in Geneva, pleading for protections against potential genocide […]