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Natalie Des Rosiers

Succeed With Canadian Careers In Democracy

Career Lessons From Nathalie Des Rosiers, formerly of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association Canadian careers in democracy are honourable aspirations. Protecting freedom of expression and thought. The right to peaceful assembly. In Canada we take these things for granted. Our safety net? The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, plus related laws. (Note: I originally wrote this article on Canadian

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Unwanted, the profound by Linda Smith

Unwanted, by Linda Smith: Book Review

Unwanted by Linda Smith is a profound real life page turner! It describes an initially reluctant mother’s battle to champion the existence of her disabled son. Put yourself in her shoes What if your child was born, and the doctor grimly pronounced the baby “mongoloid?” Then declared it profoundly disabled with Down Syndrome and mental retardation? Seeing your tortured look,

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last children of down syndrome - Atlantic Monthly article

Last Children of Down Syndrome?

The Last Children of Down Syndrome Are we approaching a time when we will see the last children of Down Syndrome? This shocking article, in the December 2020 issue of The Atlantic Magazine, looks at the possibility of Down Syndrome extinction. Medical advances (e.g. prenatal testing, new genetic therapies), are bringing this upsetting possibility closer. What would a world without

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Stop Genomocide now symbol

New Words For Effects Of Certain Gene Therapies

New Words For Effects Of Certain Gene Therapies I have started to use the following terms  in describing the purpose and/or effects of several emerging gene therapies I will be covering in my upcoming public essay about potential Down Syndrome extinction. #Genomocide #Genexocide #Genvivocide Claiming First Use Today I secured the .com url for each of the above. Yesterday I

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ethical dilemmas in genetics and genetic counseling

Working In Genetics These Days Can Be An Ethical Minefield

There’s always been questions about the ethics of working in genetics. Jobs in the field are multiplying because of new advances. This brings up additional questions about the morality of it all. Bioethicists are agog. DNA and its moderating processes are, indisputably, the stuff that programs our biology. Sure we’re learning more now about how other elements – the environment, our

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Remarkable Young Charlotte Fien Addresses U.N. On Down Syndrome Genocide

Truly inspiring people are something of a rarity. So when I read about Charlotte Helene Fien, a young woman who has both Down Syndrome and Autism, is attending university, and advocates for neuro-atypical human rights, I was deeply moved. Watch this courageous fighter address the United Nations in Geneva, pleading for protections against potential genocide and extinction of her kindreds.

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