Some Reasons Not To Change An Autistic Person

Autism Is Love

From a concerned mother:Β RT @mamabegoodΒ (Brenda Rothman)

“The response to autism has usually been to work on changing the child. If they are highly reactive to noise, we think we need to get them used to it. If they are playing alone and not with others, we think we need to teach them to play with others. If they are moving their bodies in ways we don’t expect, we think we need to stop them.

1. Autism Is Hard-Wired

Autism is a hard-wired, neurological way of receiving, processing, and expressing information. When we require the child to change, we are asking them to work against their hard-wiring, to change their brains before they have even figured out how they themselves work and respond? How many of us could do this, even as adults?

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Brenda Rothman
Autism and Parenting: Trusting In Our Relationship With Our Child

RT @mamabegood: There are more responses to #autism than asking them to change #autie #aspergers #righttolife

Some Reasons Not To Change an Autistic Person


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