How do you launch a nonfiction book to become a bestseller?

  • Which audiences do you intend to reach? Are they large (e.g. the general public), or smaller and specific (e.g. biochemists working on genomics).
  • Do you already have a public following – for instance on social media, your newsletter, readers of your previous books – or will you need to build one from scratch?
  • Is the topic of the book timely, relevant and in demand?
  • How much money are you willing/able to spend in order to promote the book?
  • Are you a recognized expert with appropriate credentials?
  • Who is going to edit, publish and distribute your book?
  • How much media coverage can you roust to get the word out?

What’s A Best Seller, Anyway?

The list goes on and on. It starts with defining what you mean by โ€œbest seller.โ€ An unknown first-time author who flogs 100 copies of their book will consider thatย their best sellerย ever!

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