Broke 1,000 Twitter Followers

I broke 1,000 Twitter followers and climbing

Hit some important (though not earth shattering) social media landmarks yesterday. As of this morning:

FB Friends 885, Page Likes 305.

Yesterday morning I broke 1,000 Twitter Followers. But of those, at least 70 were garbage. So I used and to prune them, forcing “unfollows” of the junk Followers. I Followed another hundred or so Tweeters, and between yesterday and this morning I’m up to 1,050 Followers with just a few Spammers left. More pruning later today.

My GoodReads Friends are over 400! Some really interesting authors and readers are now in my circle there.

These are decent numbers to have as of this date. It’s a base to build from. But this hunt and peck method is certainly slow. Hugely under-productive. Take yesterday morning, for instance. On Twitter, they show you a selection of other people to Follow. You can see if they offer relevant authors, who have around the same number of followers as to how many they’re following. Those are the ones more likely to follow me back. So I chose a few dozen and hope they respond. Or I saw the #ASMSG hashtag again (couldn’t even remember what it stands for, though I know it’s for authors), so I put it into Twitter search, selected People, and again am following a bunch of relatively balanced folk. I

But my return rate? Unacceptably low. Maybe 20%? That’s ridiculous. I’d have to punch out 250 new Tweeters per day, and erase an equal amount, just to get 50 new choice followers a day. 500 actions for 50 follows. That’s a 10% rate! Time to research what others are doing to get more followers of better quality to interact with.

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